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We are a producer of high quality natural rubber examination and natural rubber surgical gloves.

Best Putra Gloves, Inc is a subsidary to Meditech Gloves Sdn.Bhd., Malaysia.

Despite being a recent entrant in the industry, we have made tremendous gains in terms of market share and worldwide acceptance.

We are presently in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Romania,

South Africa, Namibia, Australia and the

United States. In addition to the natural rubber gloves, we have also embarked into producing high quality nitrile examination gloves to fulfill the market’s growing needs. 



  • Our aspiration and business goals are to be the world's best manufacturer of medical grade gloves.

  • We are a world-class manufacturer, and our products are U.S. FDA approved and also accredited by the International Certification Bodies.

  • Malaysia is the world's largest producer of medical grade gloves. Meditech Gloves was recognised by the Malaysian Rubber Board as the producer of the highest quality medical grade gloves.

  • We always endeavour to supply to our customers products of a higher quality grade (AQL) than what they require.

  • We are expanding our manufacturing capacity to sustain our future business and to accommodate a bigger worldwide customer base.

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